Get The Help You Need

University or School or Short Course Placement Services customised to cater your needs. Simplify the steps in preparing and planning for your journey towards your educational goals.

Discovery Session

Initial meeting is all about knowing your concerns, problems you maybe facing, and to get a clear picture of what your are looking for. 

This will help us to provide the most suitable placement plan catered to your needs and requirements, that would ultimately lead you to achieve your desired end goal.

The initial session is non-chargeable for up to 30 minutes maximum, 

applicable for new clients only.

Consultation Session

Answer questions and provide solutions to any concerns when applicable.

Get advice or guidance at any stage of your journey from an expert in UK admission. If you are stuck or lost at any stage or unsure about certain decisions and need immediate advise with a clear implementation plan to ensure you are on the right path.

The consulting session is chargeable and applicable for re-occurring clients.