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Our services are customised to cater to your specific needs. We simplify every step of your journey towards your educational goals, from preparing, and planning, to acceptance

Initial Meeting Session

New client only

99 AED / $30 USD for 30 minutes Session

The initial meeting is all about knowing your concerns, and problems you may be facing, and getting a clear picture of what you are looking for. 

This will help us provide the best placement service plan catered to your needs and requirements, which would ultimately lead you to achieve your desired end goal.

The initial meeting session is chargeable at a nominal fee for up to 30 minutes maximum, 

applicable for new clients only. Learn more details about the initial meeting >>

Self-Service Sessions

Are you choosing to do the process yourself and only need guidance, answers to questions, or solutions to concerns? Self Service Sessions would be the best solution!

You can pick one Session or more, they may complement the Placement Services or be purchased on their own.

Consultation Session

New and recurring client

750 AED / $210 USD max 1 hour Session

Answer questions and provide solutions to any concerns when applicable.​

Get advice or guidance at any stage of your journey from an expert in UK admission. If you are stuck or lost at any stage or unsure about certain decisions and need immediate advice with a clear implementation plan to ensure you are on the right path.

The consulting session is chargeable and applicable for new or re-occurring clients.

Discovery Session

New and recurring client

1,500 AED / $420 USD max 2 hours Session

Guidance in finding or/and selecting your suitable University

Explore which university offers your desired course with guidance on how to narrow down your options to apply. Review your academic background and provide an assessment with guidance on the probability of successful admission.


UK Student Visa Session

New and recurring client

2,000 AED / $550 USD max 2 hours Session

Guidance on Tier 4 & Short-Term student Visa

Get one-on-one guidance on applying for a UK student visa, with a review and assessment of required documents, and the application process. In addition, advice on conducting a successful interview, if required.

University Placement Packages

You do not have the time to do the process yourself or struggle to understand the admission world and need complete one-on-one guidance, with a helping hand to do the hard work on your behalf. University Placement Packages would be the best solution! 

Let us know at which stage you are in your journey and we will customize a package catered for you.

This is for you if...

You have established an idea of what and where you want to study, but you feel overwhelmed not knowing how to start the process, or you have no clue how or what is required to get into your desired choice. If you are considering applying to only one college, or university this is the right track for you. 

Starter Level Package

Up to 1 Application Process

Assess the required documents. Advice on entry requirements and acceptance level. One Application process and follow-up for an acceptance letter. Handle communication with the chosen academic institution to ensure a smooth process and fewer complications.

This is for you if...

You are aware of what and where you want to study, or you may have some idea of several options in mind you want to explore and you're not sure where or what you want to study but need expert guidance on how to move forward. Find out what is suitable with a clear structure plan, including assessment guidance.

Advisory Level Package

Up to 5 Applications Process

University and degree course selection assessment (may include career assessment test, if needed). Assess the required documents. Advise on entry requirements and acceptance level. Guidance on a selection strategy. Application process and follow-up for an acceptance. Limited support after offer received (deposit & visa letter). Accommodation guidance (limited). Visa overview guidance (limited).

This is for you if...

You want the complete package of full personal guidance and support with no limitations. Get expert advice on the challenges you may face, and guide you each step of the way (irrespective of the steps you are currently at) with a clear vision and a simple structured plan. Assist in overcoming any obstacles and ensure you are on the right track to achieve your ultimate desired goal.

Customised Process

Consultant Level Package

University filtred report* that offers the desired degree course and pre-selected per your specific requirements. Guidance on a selection strategy. Course selection assessment (may include career assessment test, if needed). Assess the required documents. Advise on entry requirements and acceptance level.  Application process and personal follow-up for an acceptance. Full support after offer received (deposit & visa letter). Accommodation guidance and application assistance (exclude real-estate fees). Visa guidance and submission on how to process (exclude visa fees). Pre-Departure briefing.

Online 1:1 guidance for Oxbridge & G5 Universities

Personalised online 1:1 sessions conducted by Oxbridge graduates aim at helping students develop the curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills to win a place at a top UK university.

G5 Universities - University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, London School of Economics (LSE), University College of London (UCL)


Application Support

Oxbridge & G5 universities

​​Available for Year 10 / Grade 9 upwards.

Knowledge Building

Meet university requirements by learning new concepts & books.

Personal Statement

Support to help you write an outstanding personal statement.

Admissions Tests

Improve both knowledge and technique in Oxbridge & G5 University admission tests

Interview Preparation

Improve interview technique through mock interviews and feedback.

Application Strategy Mentorship

covering course/university/college choices, super-curricular activities, SAQ ...etc.

Academic Skills

and Super-Curricular Programmes

​​Available for any student at school

- Oxbridge Thinking Skills

Diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and develop key critical thinking skills.

- Wider Academic Reading 

Tutors allocate across 2-3 subject areas, with university-level reading to help decide on a degree subject. Engage in university-level discussions with an expert tutor.

- Academic Competitions

Hands-on support and preparation for internationally renowned competitions. Develop key skills such as public speaking and persuasiveness for verbal or debating competitions



Personal follow-up with support to answer questions or concerns


Review your case to provide a solution-oriented plan


Explore how to select the right course and study destination


Unbiased advice based on your needs, abilities and capabilities


When you work with us, you can expect communication, attention to detail, and solutions for your challenges.

We are dedicated to helping you make the tough decisions and also to take those decisions and making them a reality in simplified steps.

No matter how long you have been doing your own research, you will benefit from insight into the admission world and also learn about ways to manage your expectations.

We strive for creating both the best experience for you and help you achieve results with simple steps. We also want to maximize that experience while helping you be the most efficient you can be. After all, an efficient outcome is an effortless outcome!

UK Education Consultant
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