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Consulting with Purpose

Was founded on focusing on the student's needs and aiming to work towards their educational goals and help with overcoming the struggles when making the most vital decisions concerning their future.

Specialised in higher education admission since 2005, by supporting and guiding students, families, and schools by providing high-quality customised services catered to ease the preparations and planning process.

Our Mission enables students and families to make informed decisions for their educational pathways to success and help plan their journey to the next stage.

Our Vision is to be thought about and talked about for the impact we make in guiding and preparing tomorrow's leaders for educational success.

Meet The Team

Professional Consulting Experts

Shoroq Fandi

Ms. Shoroq Fandi

Founder & Higher Education Expert

Khalid Saadi - Malaysia & Middle East Education Advisor

Dr. Khalid AlSaadi

Malaysia & Middle East Education Advisor

William Delmas - France Education Advisor

Mr. William DB

France Education Advisor

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