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About your Journey

We can help you take the right decisions for your educational path, and ease your admission journey to achieve the desired educational goals.

UK University Placement

University Placement

Higher education admission can be an overwhelming process and at times terrifying for many students and parents. The advice and recommendations offered by the experts will not only simplify and ease the process they will also put forward the best approach when it comes to higher education planning and preparation, to successfully gain a university acceptance. 

There are several steps that prove to be crucial for a successful university admission process. Our University Placement Service can be the perfect solution to support you throughout your university admission journey and other quirks of the system or complications that may be faced.

What we can offer - 

- Advice on university options and selection, including a report of the universities that offer your desired course.

- Degree course exploration, and selection, with an eye on your future, we never forget that university is a means to an end – your future career.

- Assess your academic background and ambitions,  and help you understand the university entry requirements.

- Discover whether you have what the chosen university is looking for in its candidates - and provide alternative options on what you can do should you not meet their entry criteria. 

Univesity Placemen

School Placement

Choosing and applying to a UK school is a complex, time-consuming and at times stressful process.

Our school placement service offers a personalized advisory service with one-on-one guidance in securing a place at the best suitable school for your child. 

After our initial assessment we start to put a shortlist of suitable schools together and work with you to establish a plan and route into your chosen school and advise on every step of the application process.

Our knowledgeable experience will be an invaluable asset in deciding what type of school you wish your child to attend.  Our advice spans each age group so we can always ensure your child attends the right school.

Study at UK Boading School
School Placemen
Study English in the UK

English Language Placement

English language proficiency has become a vital step for all age groups, from a student at school to an employee or CEO. There are no limitations in the type of English courses available to cater each individuals needs. In addition to General English Language course, their are specialised courses naming a few; Exam preparation that includes IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL. Intensive programmes focus on skills and strategies required to study in a university. English for academic purposes includes essential skills such as essay writing, critical thinking and reading comprehension. Corporate English specialised for particular industrial fields for example; Oil and Gas industry, Law, Finance, Medical, Marketing and Sales and much more.

Knowing where and how to start can be a challenge for many. We assist with offering suitable options - course and centre, no matter what your English level or age group you are at, catered to meet your needs to improve your English language skills. 

Short Courses

Summer School Placement

Summer Schools offer a unique opportunity to experience culture and education for all age groups, from outdoor fun and excitement and Sports camps to gaining new knowledge - there is something to be offered for every individual who is keen to explore! 

Summer School programs have been designed to help choose the perfect experience based on your age and interests, allowing you to gain insight into what life is like within a UK school or university. Discover what excites and interests you. 

Discover Summer School Options >>

Specialised Activity

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Academic Prep

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University Prep

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Summer School Placement - Get admission at top summer school

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Unsure About your options?

We always begin any placement with an assessment to ensure we approach the situation with a clear idea of the student's current academic level, interests, future ambitions, and what problems they are facing or struggles they need assistance with. We would then be able to outline how we could help by providing a range of customized service options to choose from, to make the decision process on how to proceed simplified.

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