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Hamza Bousaid - from Morocco - "Always I had the idea to study abroad but I have never imagined that it will be a reality one day. After that I got my high school diploma, I discussed the idea with my parents they accepted the choice was the United Kingdom. I was confused, I didn't have any idea about the system of studies or how to apply or tuition fees. I did not know how to proceed to get an offer to study there. I visited different websites but I did not find something specific. Until I clicked by coincidence on their website, I remember that I have signed up and let my phone number there. In the morning of the following day they have called me. Frankly they helped me a lot, they have directed me during this period to know more information how the process it is, what I need to have to proceed without problems. Now I am an international student in Liverpool city and it is an amazing city. To conclude, I want to thank very much the staff one by one for their comprehension, help, professionalism in work, confidence and credibility. If you want to finish your studies abroad the best choice for you will be dealing with the team because you will win time, you will not be confused or wandering, they will explain to you the procedures to facilitate to get you an offer and they will take the responsibility to realise your desire." 

Studied - BEng Mechanical Engineering at University of Liverpool John Moores



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