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Expert Advice for University Admission

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Navigate the complexities of university admissions with ease. Our dedicated Higher Education experts are here to demystify the process, offering personalized planning and preparation strategies to secure your acceptance. Let's simplify your journey to success together.

Duration 30 minutes - for new clients only

Initial Meeting

University Admission Consulting Session for new clients only

At Wiser Study, we understand that the journey to higher education is as unique as you are. That's why we offer more than just advice; we provide a partnership that values your individual story and academic ambitions. With over two decades of experience, our personalized, thoughtful approach has guided thousands of students and families towards their educational goals. We pride ourselves on crafting a future for you that's not only successful but also fulfilling. By choosing us, you're not just getting an education consultant; you're gaining an ally who is deeply invested in your success and will be with you every step of the way.

Focused Discovery

Our commitment is to steer you towards your ultimate goal, ensuring every step is taken with purpose and precision


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  • What's it about?
    The Essence of Your Session This initial meeting is a collaborative effort to pinpoint your concerns and challenges. It's our opportunity to tune into your needs and determine the most effective ways to support your educational and university admission journey.
  • What to expect?
    Tailored Focus: Your educational aspirations deserve undivided attention. We delve deep into your concerns and ambitions, crafting a service package that's as unique as your educational goals Informed Insights: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned consultants who bring you cutting-edge advice and insights, drawing from a deep well of admission process expertise.​​ ​Transparent Scope: Our session is rich with information and guidance. We set the stage for your informed decisions and successful applications through our comprehensive admission packages.
  • What will it lead to?
    Your Pathway to Clarity and Success In our introductory conversation, we'll gain a clear understanding of your educational aspirations and carve out a path to achieve them. This dialogue is the cornerstone of crafting a customized service plan that resonates with your individual needs.
  • What is offered?
    Insights and Guidance: What you will Discover Your initial meeting, is a gateway to higher education admission, providing you with essential insights into studying abroad, specifically the UK. Expect to uncover the nuances of educational expenses, living costs, and the diversity of academic institutions, foundational application requisites, and strategic advice on selecting the right course and university for your ambitions.
  • What's Not included?
    Setting Expectations: Beyond the Initial Session While the initial meeting is comprehensive, it's designed as an overview rather than a deep delve into specific university applications, university listings, or guarantees of acceptance, It serves as an introductory first-step session, setting the stage for a tailored service package catered to your individual needs and requirements.
  • What's the cost?
    Your initial university admission advisory session is for a nominal investment of $30 USD / 99 AED. This 30-minute consultation is not just a meeting—it's the first investment in your educational future, conducted online with the utmost convenience via Zoom to accommodate your busy schedule and diverse locations
  • What's our specialty?
    At Wiser Study, our specialty lies in providing comprehensive support for UK university admissions. Our consulting services are meticulously tailored to cover every aspect of the application process, ensuring you're well-prepared and confident. We offer expert guidance in Oxbridge admission consulting, helping you understand the nuances of applying to these prestigious institutions including the University of Oxford and Cambridge and top G5 Universities. Our UCAS support is thorough, assisting you with every step of the application process. We also specialize in personal statement writing, crafting a compelling personal statement with the assistance of our Oxbridge advisors, will ensure your university application captures your unique story and resonates with admissions committees at top UK universities. Our university selection and course selection advice is data-driven and aligned with your academic goals and aspirations, helping you choose the right institution and suitable course that matches your ambitions. Moreover, we understand the importance of excelling in interviews and admission tests. Our interview preparation services are designed to build your confidence, refine your communication skills, and prepare you for the types of questions you might face. For admission test preparation, we provide you with the resources and strategies needed to succeed in exams specific to your chosen field and university. Whether you're aiming for the prestigious halls of Oxbridge or navigating the UCAS complex system, Wiser Study is your dedicated partner who is invested in your success and educational excellence., offering a strategic approach to your UK university applications. We can help you navigate this journey with expertise, care, and ease.
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Customers Feedback 

Honestly, no words can explain how much help and support you have been offering to me. What is more is the quick and polite response that I always received from your side. Despite the short time we have to apply for the university, you helped me get an offer, which was a great achievement that I couldn’t have done without your help and patience!!

Student - Naqaa 

Muscat - Oman


of students who plan early get accepted into their dream university.

Secure your initial meeting today, and take the first step towards your dream university!

Higher Education Expert
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Meet Your Higher Education Expert

Her expertise is not just in guiding students but in shaping futures.

Discover your educational potential with Ms. Shoroq Fandi, the visionary behind Wiser Study and a renowned authority in UK Higher Education.

As a certified education advisor with over 20 years of experience, Ms. Fandi has become a trusted name among families and students navigating the complexities of university admissions.

Currently an EdD candidate, she continues to deepen her knowledge, and her expertise is recognized by the British Council through an Advanced Training Certificate with distinction. Her active participation in professional educational organizations keeps her at the cutting edge of educational strategies and policies.

Ms. Fandi's collaborative work with schools and institutions underscores her commitment to not just individual success, but to elevating the standards of higher education.

 Ms. Fandi's approach is deeply personalized, combining strategic insight and solutions with a passion for educational excellence. She's not just an advisor but an educational strategist, committed to illuminating the path to your academic aspirations, ensuring your educational choices are informed and your future, bright

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Ms. ShoroQ Fandi

Founder and UK Higher Education Expert

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Meet with Higher Education Expert (applicable for New clients only)

Initial Meeting

What to Expect?

Personalized attention: We take the time to listen to your concerns and challenges, ensuring we understand your specific situation.

Expert guidance: Our experienced consultants will provide valuable insights and expert advice based on their extensive knowledge of the admission process.​​

Clear limitations: While we offer a wealth of information, please note that we won't provide a list of universities that offer your desired course(s) or guarantee acceptance. These services are available through our customized admission packages, which are presented and discussed during the initial meeting.

What's it about?

What will it lead to?

What information offerd?

What it will not include?

What's the cost?

The initial meeting is designed to address your concerns and any challenges you may be facing. It provides an opportunity for us to clearly understand your specific needs and the kind of help you are seeking.

During our initial chat, we will gain a clear understanding of your goals and aspirations. Based on this conversation, we will be able to recommend the most suitable service plan or service package tailored to your unique needs. Our ultimate aim is to guide you toward achieving your desired end goal.

In our initial meeting, you can expect to receive general information about studying abroad, including details about the cost of study, cost of living, different types of universities, or schools, basic application requirements, and basic tips on how to select a suitable course or academic institution.

Please note that our initial meeting will not delve into specific university applications or acceptance or provide personalized guidance. Instead, it serves as an introductory session to understand your needs and guide you toward the appropriate service package catered to your unique requirements.

We offer our initial meeting at a nominal fee of $30 USD / 99 AED for a duration of 30 minutes. The meeting will be conducted online via Zoom, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all participants.

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