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Hello There!

Looking to study in the UK and need professional guidance and help?

Book your first Exploration session for 30 minutes at 110 AED and talk to a UK Higher Education Expert online.

What will your first session include?

Your first session is all about knowing your concerns, problems you maybe facing, and to get a clear picture of what you are are looking for and what kind of help you seek.

By our initial chat with our Education specialist, we will be able to advise the most suitable service package / service plan catered to your needs and requirements that would ultimately lead you to achieve your desired end goal.

You may get general information about studying in the UK, for example cost of study, cost of living, type of universities, or schools...etc. the basic requirements to apply, how we will help you choose a course, or a university or school.


This session will not provide details as to which university will accept you or the list of universities that offer your desired course. If this is what you are looking for, then we recommend you look at our consultation sessions or Discovery session or our more specialized admission placement services plan.

What Clients Say

Student from Muscat - Oman

Honestly, no words can explain how much help and support you have been offering to me. What is more is the quick and polite response that I always received from your side. Despite the short time we have to apply for the university, you helped me getting an offer, which was a great achievement that I couldn’t have done without your help and patience!!

Naqaa - 31.December, 2021

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